Announcement – World Series of Mahjong (WSOM) & Mobile APP


After more than two years of revising and restructuring, World Series of Mahjong finally comes back! The main event is planned to be hosted in Macau on the 24rd – 25th August 2019, and all professional players from China, Australia, U.S., Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and etc. shall gather for this anticipating event for the extremely attractive pool of cash prize!

And before the launch of the main event, WSOM will kick-off a new online game in October 2019 with Apple iOS version, Android version and PC version. The mobile game versions will be available for download at “App Store” of Apple and “Google Play” of Android worldwide. By participating the “Qualifier Tournament” of the online games, players also will have opportunities to win the free admission to the main event, which is equivalent to the value of HKD8,888!

Online gaming has been developing rapidly in recent years, and online mahjong game has been one of the most popular games for the past 40 years.  The popularity of mahjong has been shifting from Guangdong Mahjong and Japanese Mahjong to Taiwanese Mahjong and Shenzhen Style Mahjong.  However, there is one kind that compromises all features of mahjong games, which is named as “Moderate-Style Mahjong” (Zhongyong Mahjong), and WSOM has been executing this set of “Moderate-Style” rules as the official rules of the WSOM tournament since 2008.  In order to let the publics know more this kind of “compromised” style mahjong game, the online game has taken the role in promoting the culture of WSOM Mahjong.

IOS:  Click Here

Android: Click Here

PC: http://www.wsomonline.com