The third World Series of Mahjong was held at The Venetian® Macao-Resort-Hotel. Sixteen players battled it out in the final round and after 9 hours and 3 elimination rounds, the World Champion was crowned. Chan Tak-Kwan, a furniture salesperson from Hong Kong, outlasted the other 200 participants from more than 10 countries to win the title of “World Champion”. Pao Jin-Long, another player from Hong Kong, settled for the second place while Yang Xun-Zhi from Taiwan and Li Jin-Dai from mainland China won the third and fourth places in the tournament respectively.

Chan Tak-Kwan, 34-years of age, becomes the third World Champion in a row from Hong Kong. He has been playing mahjong for over ten years. He took home a check worth HK$180,530 plus the gold champion’s necklace.

The 2010 World Series of Mahjong included both online and offline qualifying tournaments held in a number of countries and regions, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, and Australia. More than 3,000 players competed offline, and more than 70,000 players competed in online qualifying events.

(左起)威尼斯人澳門股份有限公司高級營運副總裁Mr. Gunther Hatt、第二屆世界麻將王何國雄先生 (3)

(左起)威尼斯人澳門股份有限公司高級營運副總裁Mr. Gunther Hatt、第二屆世界麻將王何國雄先生(2)




威尼斯人澳門股份有限公司高級營運副總裁Mr. Gunther Hatt致辭