Prize Money

Prize money will be paid to the top 32 finishers in the Main Event. Total prize purse will depend on the total number of entries. Player caps and maximum prize pool are as follows:

Main Event World Championship
Player Cap: 500 players
Buy-In: HK$8,888 (US$1,150)
Max. Prize Pool: HK$4,444,000 (US$575,000)

The Main Event Champion will, in addition to the cash prize, receive the coveted champion’s necklace, and a free invitation to all future WSOM Main Event tournaments.

Prize money will begin to be paid, on-site, upon completion of the final rounds of play. Players have two options for receipt of prize winnings: 1) by bank transfer, or 2) by bank sight draft. Representatives will be available on-site, in the Player Center, to assist players in preparing the necessary form of payment.